Tie Wire

What is Tie Wire?

Definition of Tie Wire in Construction

Tie wire is a very pliable and durable steel wire, that is used by ironworkers to tie reinforcing steel together. The wire is either purchased in rolls that will attached to a dispenser worn on the belt of an ironworker, or as a small length of wire with an eye on both ends. Depending on the type of dispenser, the ironworker, either uses a pair of pliers specifically designed to cut and tie the wire, if from the belt dispenser, or a special tool that is designed to engage both eyes of the short piece of tie wire. The belt dispenser allows the wire to spool off in an easy flow and allows the iron worker to control its release from the roll in a precise manner, enabling them to tie up the rebar in any configuration or size. The smaller length of wire, with the loops, is normally set aside for smaller diameter rebar, or less complicated situations . Normally the standard tie is two times around the reinforcing bar and a secured with a double twist, with a snip of the ironworkers cutting pliers. The technique is learned by thousands of ironworkers over the entire country, and it is one of the most impressive acts of continuous production on a reinforced concrete project. To watch several ironworkers, as they tie reinforcing bar or rebar, is quite impressive. Tie wire is used by most of the building tradesmen for miscellaneous tying and securing of all types of products. The development of zip or twist ties that are produced of a synthetic material has replaced the standard use of tie wire for many of the other trades. Tie wire is a product that can be used to remedy any number of construction issues, and is still used extensively.