Tie Line

What is a Tie Line

Definition of Tie Line in Construction

The tie line in construction surveying is any type of dimensioning, whether it is linear, a radius, or another means of measuring off of another entity, that allows the accurate determination of a structure or other required location, on a property. If there is a designation that identifies a 50 foot dimension off of the side of the structure, this identification and measurement can be identified as a tie line from the side of the structure. Architects and engineers will try to locate the structure and all of the required curbs, walkways, accessory buildings, etc. on the site-plan, as clearly as possible to minimize lay-out issues and mistakes. The tie line is a very accurate and popular means of tying in all of the elements on the site-plan. Dimensions that tie into other dimensions, structures and construction elements allow the general contractor, surveyor or other entity on the construction site to verify that they are actually building in the correct location. The more tie lines that the architect or engineer provide, the more accurate will be the layout of the work.