What is a Thread

Definition of Thread in Construction

Thread is used in the construction industry for any type of connection that uses a circular groove that is cut into a round piece of material. These grooves are cut into the material in such a way that it causes the cut grooves to spiral upward, from the bottom of the material. By cutting the grooves in the material, this will allow another assembly that has similar grooves cut into the interior of a material in such a way that allows the two separate pieces of material to be rotated in opposing directions to force one of the elements to move in an opposing direction than the other. This mechanical movement by the use of a thread, allowed a tremendous variety of applications to develop in industry, manufacturing and the development of fasteners. Threads are used on bolts, nuts, screws, special industrial and mechanical applications, jacks, leveling plates, etc. The thread is used in many different applications, and is used as a descriptive term or used as a verb, to thread or the thread, within the construction industry. In all cases, to thread something, or the thread of a bolt, the meaning has to do with the spiraling effect of revolving materials, which have specially placed grooves cut into their surfaces. A thread can have a tremendous amount of power and force when properly engineered. This ability to exert a strong force by use of a thread is used by structural and mechanical engineers to move heavy and cumbersome equipment, structural elements, etc.