Third Party Inspection

What is Third Party Inspection ?

Definition of Third Party Inspection in Construction

The term used by building departments or owners when referencing an independent party hired, or assigned to inspect the construction process. Foundation, structural, mechanical, electrical inspections can all be done independently by a third party. Certain Cities and Towns assign the actual building inspections to a third party, thereby reducing the liability on the City or Town, and transferring this responsibility to another independent entity. In many larger municipalities the use of an independent inspection company reduces the cost to the building departments as well as the legal liability. In reality , the use of a third party inspection process, in many cases, is a more professional and experienced inspection, resulting in a safer result. Third party inspectors are more likely to have more up to date knowledge of the codes, as well as engineering techniques, being used on the projects within their operating region. In addition, there is no political influence or motivation with a third party inspection process. The skilled and experienced contractor normally supports the third party inspection process due to the professionalism of the process and experience. This removes all the personal relationships that develop between home town contractors and home town inspectors. The use of a third party inspector allows a professional and knowledgeable inspector on the project, to interact with the contractors to construct a properly inspected project.