Thin Set

What is Thin Set?

Definition of Thin Set in Construction

The direct opposite of a mud application, where the bottom of a tile, stone, masonry floor has a thick masonry base for the substrate. Thin set is the application of a mastic, that allows the tile, stone, or masonry floor materials to be directly adhered to the structure, whether it is plywood, concrete, or any other type of material. Normally the thin set application is not as preferred as the mud bed ,nor as durable. A thin set operation is less expensive than a mud application and does not require the expertise of the mud set. Products are continually being developed that improve the adhesion and longevity of thin set products resulting in satisfactory results for the contractor. The obvious identification of the procedure indicates the thin coating of material or adhesive used. Thin set does not require the coordination of the structure in reference to dropped framing or areas of dropped concrete slabs to accommodate the setting bed. Normal thresholds can be used to accommodate the different flooring materials used, due to the fact that the thin set is normally a minimum thickness. Thin set is almost exclusively utilized in renovations and rehabilitations due to the difficulty involved to drop the substrate to accommodate a thicker mud set application. Thin set is easier to install, easier to coordinate and easier to remove, if necessary than a mud set application.