Thermosetting Resin

What is Thermosetting Resin

Definition of Thermosetting Resin in Construction

The term thermosetting resin is used to describe a special soft and pliable resin, which will cure upon the application of heat. This introduction of heat, results in the crosslinking of individual chains of polymers. The application of heat is in comparison to the epoxy resins that require a catalyst or a chemical curative, hardener, which causes the linking of the polymers and the hardening of the material. If the thermosetting resin is compounded with fibers, then the resultant product is a reinforced polymer composite that is used for several different construction materials, protective materials, or replacement parts for various applications. The majority of construction applications for thermosetting resin are within confined and controlled environments that can be easily accessed allowing the heat to be applied. If the condition is enclosed and not easily accessible, or not confined, then the use of the epoxy type resins that will require a chemical catalyst or curator will be used.