The Solution to Pollution is Dilution

What is The Solution to Pollution is Dilution?

Definition of The Solution to Pollution is Dilution in Construction

One of the most popular phrases used in the landfill and industrial waste disposal industries is ” the solution to pollution is dilution”. Officially this does not reflect any legal, nor formal identification of how to deal with pollution, however, in the practical world, the phrase has merit. It basically means, if you can dilute a pollutant enough, the resultant intensity of the pollution is reduced, therefore adding clean material to a contaminated product will reduce the toxicity of the resultant mix. In many instances, the mixing of non contaminated soils with contaminated soil, for example, on a landfill results in a test result that is within the tolerances of the specifications. The dilution of a potential hazardous material in a water supply, by diluting the intensity of the mix with clean water, will reduce the parts per million of the resultant hazardous product. This term, slang expression, etc. is in many cases incorrectly used and abused by individuals that are not acquainted with all the specifics of the pollutant, therefore the phrase is not a popular analysis, by the professionals. Even the professionals will agree however, that a reduction of the potency of a problematic pollutant is with dilution. The majority of tests performed on pollutants and contaminants refers the parts per million of the tested material against the remaining particles in the testing sample. To add clean material to a static contaminant will produce a test that will identify less product of contaminant per total sample. The solution to pollution is dilution.