Temporary Fence

What is Temporary Fence?

Definition of Temporary Fence in Construction

The temporary fencing constructed around the perimeter of a construction project. In most cases the temporary fence is a 6′ high galvanized chain link fence, that is temporarily supported by concrete blocks, sand bags or other means of stabilization. In some cases, the chain link fence post are either pounded or drilled into the ground to ensure stability. The temporary fence is normally rented for the duration of the project and the cost is by the lineal footage of fencing required. In some cases the temporary fence is required to have privacy panels or slats installed to reduce the visibility of the work from the exterior of the site. In some instances, such as in larger cities, the fencing around the site consists of plywood panels that have vision ports cut into them for pedestrian viewing.

The temporary fencing is considered a safety barricade and must be secured every evening when the work is done for the day. Temporary fencing is supplied and installed by specialized subcontractors that are usually permanent fence subcontractors also. The cost of the temporary fence is a part of the general conditions established for the project, and is usually a monthly rental of the appropriate panels. When ordering and laying out the fence, the general contractor should understand the access points into the project and coordinate all gates and pedestrian access into the site, prior to the installation of the fencing. Wind, traffic and pedestrian patterns must be analyzed to ensure that the temporary fence position is in the least obtrusive location for the work, and does not interfere with the traffic and pedestrian traffic around the site. The temporary fence barricade is a good place for contractor signage to be mounted. Care should be taken regarding the positioning of the signage, to ensure that it does not interfere with the line of sight required to exit the project, or for the traffic surrounding the project.