Tempered Glass

What is Tempered Glass?

Definition of Tempered Glass in Construction
A process that is used on glass that rapidly heats the glass, then rapidly cools the glass. This process makes the glass extremely strong which will break in small pieces, that will simply shatter and drop away ,eliminating the hazards of large sharp pieces of glass. Tempered glass is used to glaze windows that are installed close to the ground and below the code design height for standard glass, it can also be used to make bulletproof and hurricane glass. The use of tempered glass is universal in glass windshields and all construction and industry vision panels. The small glass vision panels in fire doors are either safety glass, wire glass or tempered glass, dependent upon the application and the code. Tempering of glass requires a longer lead time and is a more expensive glass due to the additional processing required. Tempered glass cannot be field cut, therefore the accuracy of the required dimensions is extremely important when ordering the glass. There is no ability to trim tempered glass or re-cut so make sure you order the glass correctly.