Sump Pump

What is Sump Pump?

Definition of Sump Pump in Construction

This term refers to the pump that is installed within a sump, normally in the basement of a structure. A sump pump is controlled in many cases either by an electronic fluid level indicator, that uses either a light source or electrical source to read the level of the water within the tank or vessel, or a floating device, that triggers the pump on or off as the level of water rises and drops. The sump pump is in many instances, tied into the emergency generator, if there is one installed on the project. The reason that this is so important, is that the loss of power, is in many cases caused by a large storm with heavy rains and wind. If the storm has produced heavy rains, the quantity of water into the project is substantial. The sump pump is required to operate, due to the increase in water from the storm, therefore the sump pump must have emergency power to ensure its operation. The proper functioning of a sump pump is important to maintain control over ground water and the installation of a backup sump pump to engage if the primary pump fails is, in many cases, highly recommended.

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