What is Streetscape

Definition of Streetscape in Construction

The term streetscape is used in construction, to identify the different construction scope items, which reference the adjacent or perimeter streets and sidewalks. Known as the streetscape, the requirements are normally identified by the site engineer together with the landscape engineer. The streetscape requirements around a project are in many cases, required by the various local regulatory agencies, such as the zoning department, department of public works and the governing body of the town or city, permitting the project to occur. Many towns and cities have realized that they have quite a lever, when it comes to granting a permit for a large construction project. This realization has caused these towns and cities to demand as much as they can basically, can get away with, as requirements for obtaining the proper permits. Sidewalk improvements, traffic signal adjustment and installation, landscaping boundaries, tree and miscellaneous planting requirements, specialized parks and public access trails, etc. are all part of the requirements that a developer, and subsequently the contractors are subjected to perform . These types of items are in many cases, referenced by the streetscape of the project. In many instances, the town or city will require the developer or the contractor to take out a bond to guarantee that the entire streetscape scope is completed. Failure to complete the entire scope of work will allow the town or city to retain the bond, and theoretically finish the unfinished portion of the streetscape requirements themselves.