Strap Hinge

What is a Strap Hinge?

Definition of Strap Hinge in Construction
A strap hinge is normally used on gates and large barn doors to ensure that there is no racking of the door or the gate within the opening. Racking is a tendency for the weight of the door or gate to interfere with the opening and closing function. A strap hinge was originally made by the local blacksmith out of iron and was made large enough to ensure that the function of the assembly was smooth and even. The term strap refers to the long strap type piece of the hinge that is mounted horizontally on the front of the door or gate. Strap hinges have become very popular architecturally and are now being manufactured or aluminum, vinyl as well as other composite materials. The normal installation of a strap hinge is on the face of the assembly and positioned to maximize the stability and strength of the hinge. In many instances the hinge is mounted with heavy screws or for additional stability, through bolts with nuts and washers are used.