Storm Water Manhole

What is a Storm Water Manhole

Definition of Storm Water Manhole in Construction

A storm water manhole is an assembly of precast concrete that is designed to allow various different storm water lines to converge into one spot and one assembly. A storm water manhole will also allow a radical turn of direction, for any storm water lines that are installed underground. In many cases, a storm water manhole is located in areas that will exhibit difficulties in clogging as the system is used. A storm water manhole can be constructed of brick, block or even stone, however the primary construction of a storm water manhole is with precast sections that are delivered to the project and assembled in-place, on the site. The storm water manhole will normally have a cover that is grated to allow the surface water to enter the top surface of the storm water manhole. A storm water manhole in some instances will have a solid cast iron frame and cover, if the manhole is intended to be a cleanout accommodation, a direction accommodation or a means of accepting various storm lines that enter the storm water manhole at different elevations.