Stabilization Fabric

What is Stabilization Fabric?

Definition of Stabilization Fabric in Construction A fabric that is used to stabilize roadways, airport runways, or any surface requiring a special foundation over unstable ground. The stabilization fabric allows the installation of a drainage layer immediately above the fabric. The fabric stabilizes this drainage layer, which is usually stone, allowing water to drain off the fabric and the unstable sub base. Above the drainage layer, which is immediately above the stabilization fabric, additional material is layered and compacted over the system to create a cohesive and built up support for the designed hardscape surfaces. The stabilization fabric is made up of fiberglass, rubber, or other synthetic components, engineered to create a non deteriorating fabric that will remain static under the layers of stone, gravel and processed material. Stabilization fabric has been available for many years, however the research and development of new and improved products, has created some extremely strong and resilient fabrics, capable of withstanding substantial loading.