Spec Mix

What is Spec Mix?

Definition of Spec Mix in Construction

A method of mortar or grout mixing on a construction project, that entails the use of premixed bags of material that are delivered to the project. Normal masonry construction, requires the stocking of piles of mason sand, stone, mortar mix and grout mix on the project. The mortar and grout are then mixed on the jobsite with the sand and stone. If there is a color involved, then the ratio of sand and mortar or grout mix must be carefully monitored to obtain a consistent coloration. The use of a spec mix type of process, eliminates the need to worry about the management of color, due to the premix advantages of a controlled environment, and also eliminates the need to cover specific raw material pile to ensure that the masonry sand, mortar and grout mixes remain dry on the site.

The use of a pre mix product is more efficient and consistent than the mixing of materials on site. In addition the use of a premixed material delivered in bulk bags is a much more efficient use of the material. There is no waste of product, nor will the material be improperly mixed and lost on site. The use of special hopper equipment to accept the bulk bags of premixed material also add to the efficiency and economics of the process. The mason lull can pick up the pre-mixed bag of mortar or grout, place it in the appropriate hopper, set aside for this mix, and the masons can use the mortar or grout as needed. The ordering and scheduling of the product is important to the proper use of the material due to the fact that the material should not be allowed to remain on the project for too long a period of time, prior to use, but must be available immediately when needed.