What is Spackle?

Definition of Spackle in Construction

The gypsum product that is used to fill the joints between drywall panels. Spackle is also identified as joint compound or drywall compound and is provided in varying mixes to accomplish different tasks. Some spackle can be diluted to be used as a surface wall application, creating various different types of wall surfaces. Additives can also be used to accelerate the drying of the spackle, to expedite the drywall finish process. The product is a latex product and can be thinned with water. Spackle is a general term used to describe almost any material that is used on walls or ceilings to patch, install drywall, decorate or even level out a surface. The term has may products and manufacturers associated with it and it is a universally accepted term throughout the country. The term is used much more in the residential marketplace and not as often in the commercial and industrial construction industry. To spackle a wall is a typical DIY referral.