What is Soundproofing

Definition of Soundproofing in Construction

The term soundproofing, as used in the construction business describes any procedure or product that will reduce the transmission of sound through an assembly such as a wall, ceiling, door, window, etc. To soundproof something is to reduce the transmission of sound waves through the item. Sound travels through the air and any openings, cracks, or unintentional pathways that the sound can take. These pathways will allow the transmission of sound. Soundproofing is the elimination of these pathways. Soundproofing has become extremely important in many different types of construction, such as office environments or academic classrooms where soundproofing is important. Research and development is advancing the products and the procedures, which will reduce sound transmission. In addition to properly sealing all openings with specially manufactured acoustic foam and caulking, the creation of insulated products such as fiberglass insulation manufactured in a manner that severely reduces the transmission of sound is used. Spray foam insulations are also being specially created to maximize their ability to diminish any sound transmission. Soundproofing is of obvious importance in recording studios, theaters, opera houses as well as in residential homes that have special rooms devoted to entertainment.