Solid Core

What is Solid Core

Definition of Solid Core in Construction

The term solid core normally refers to a construction material or product, which has a core of solid material as opposed to a hollow core, which simply consists of air. For example, a solid core door might be filled with a fire rated material, making the assembly of the door fire rated. The door might be filled with a sound deadening material, making the assembly sound resistant. Any construction product that originally starts with a hollow assembly and has the hollow space filled with a material, could be referred to as having solid core. In some structural instances, the hollowness of the assembly may be filled to achieve a more structural product or a stiffer product. Dependent upon the material used to fill the void, will determine what characteristics are enhanced or achieved by filling the core and making is a solid core product. Solid core is normally a more expensive product or material, and generally is of a heavier weight than a hollow core product.