Soil Modification

What is Soil Modification

Definition of Soil Modification in Construction

The term soil modification, as opposed to soil conditioning, is any application that changes the physical makeup of the soil by introducing, sand, peat, wood chips, etc. to the existing soil mixture. Soil modification is normally performed with a rototiller that is a piece of equipment that has tines, which are long blades, mounted on a rotating piece of equipment. These tines revolve in a manner that digs into the soil and mixes, as well as breaks up the soil. By introducing materials such as sand, mulch, peat, chips, etc. over the top of the existing soils and rototilling this additional material into the soil, the soil modification of the physical characteristics of the soil is achieved. Landscape professionals will study the existing soil characteristics and determine if soil modification is necessary to properly adjust the characteristics of the soil, improving its ability to sustain landscaping.