Soft Wall

What is Soft Wall?

Definition of Soft Wall in Construction

This is a technique that uses a fabric covering, over a cushioned material, to create a wall finish that is soft and pillowed. The design of the soft wall will be dependent upon the type of fabric involved, as well as the amount of padding that will be used. Soft walls are wonderful for noise reduction in conference rooms and offices. It is used as a very formal finish in high end homes and commercial buildings. The system is expensive and labor intensive, but the result is a beautiful high end appearance and function. The installation of a soft wall system is normally limited to a vendor or subcontractor experienced with this type of high end finish. The ordering of the fabric, the lead time of delivery, as well as the proper scheduling for the soft wall install on the project is all critical.

The soft wall surface is a delicate surface and if damaged, extremely expensive to repair. The scheduling of installation must coincide with the work being completed adjacent and around the finished soft wall product. In many instances, a designed and carefully installed protection system is placed over the soft wall to prevent any damages as other trades work around the application. Soft wall is a beautiful and delicate finish and its use is limited due to this. There are several manufacturers and vendors that sell various types of softwall and it is normally a predetermined vendor within the project specifications.