Smoke Hatch

What is Smoke Hatch?

Definition of Smoke Hatch in Construction
A smoke hatch, is a roof hatch that has a mechanism that will release the hatch cover upon detection of smoke build up within the structure. The smoke hatch is normally tied into the fire detection systems as is located within stair towers or other high points of the structure. Their designed location is engineered to remove smoke from the structure in critical areas, such as stair towers, elevator shafts, etc. A smoke hatch can be a combined roof hatch, allowing access to the roof for maintenance purposes. The smoke hatch is normally designed to be either set directly on the roof structure and flashed in by the roofer, or on a pre-set curb that has already been flashed in by the roofer. Smoke hatches or their associated curbs must be available when the roofing is scheduled to allow the proper waterproofing of the hatch, by the roofer.