Single Hung

What is Single Hung ?

Definition of Single Hung in Construction
Same as the double hung window except the upper sash is non operational and stationary. Single hung windows are windows that have two separate window sashes. Only one window sash is operational and will slide vertically, up or down. This is normally the lower sash. The single hung window can be provided with equal window sashes or with unequal sashes, reference the cottage window. Single hung windows are not that common in residential structures or multi- family buildings. The use of single hung windows in commercial structures is typically more common, than in residential structures. The single hung window is one of the oldest operational windows still being specified and used. Manufacturers are constantly researching and developing new and improved techniques for better windows and different accessories. The customary means of washing a single hung window, used to be access by ladder to the exterior surfaces. However, as the market has advanced and competition has caused an increase in technology, each manufacturer has developed various methods of cleaning their single hung windows. Some of the manufacturers have developed removable sashes that will allow the removal for cleaning purposes of the individual sashes. Other manufacturers have produced windows that have pivots on them to allow the individual sashes to pivot down and allow the cleaning of the exterior surfaces in this manner. The consumer has a tremendous variety of windows that can be selected and varying accessories for each type. Single hung windows are constructed of wood, aluminum, vinyl or clad with other synthetic materials. Grills are available to visually simulate divided lites, or the glass can be specified to be actual divided lites. Different glass can also be specified, to increase the insulation qualities of the windows and decrease the solar gain and affects of the radiation produced by the sun’s rays. Single hung windows can be combined with other types of windows such as double hung, casements and sliders, to provide a window package that best suits the individual homeowner.