Silt Sack

What is Silt Sack?

Definition of Silt Sack in Construction

A sack, constructed of a synthetic filter fabric, that is placed in a catch basin for the accumulation of sediment, prior to draining into the catch basin itself. The sack is normally constructed of a filter fabric that retains dirt, sand, debris, etc., and stops the contamination of the effluent draining into the catch basin itself. The maintenance of the silt sack is extremely important to the satisfactory operation of the sacks intent. The silt sack will accumulate substantial debris and sediment quickly when a heavy rain occurs. The silt sack must be periodically emptied to allow the water to drain through it. If the silt sack is allowed to accumulate material, it will stop allowing the water to flow through and result in large puddles of water at every catch basin location.

The proper maintenance of the silt sack is a periodic cleaning with a replacement of the silt sack with a new one, once it becomes visually compromised. The sedimentation and erosion control program for the project will include the provision for silt sacks as well as in some cases hay bales around each catch basin. The proper installation and maintenance of the silt sack will allow an acceptable environmental testing of the drainage water. Failure to properly maintain the silt sacks will normally result in a failure of the environmental test and subsequent penalties.