Sill Plate

What is Sill Plate?

Definition of Sill Plate in Construction
The bottom interface between a foundation wall and the framing above the foundation wall. This is normally a 2X6 that is pressure treated and could be doubled for added height or other reasoning based on design. The installation of the sill plate is by anchor bolts that are either drilled into the top of the foundation wall or have been inserted into the wall prior to the setting of the concrete. The anchor bolts are specified by the structural engineer and will normally be shaped like an L to provide a horizontal leg in the concrete. The sill plate is usually installed over a sill sealer that is a foam or other synthetic product that will compress to fill the voids between the bottom of the sill plate and the foundation wall. The accuracy of the sill plate installation in terms of levelness is important to the rest of the structure to be constructed above. If the sill plate is installed properly , the framing will commence on an accurate horizontal plane and the remainder of the structure will follow. The time spent in properly installing the sill plate will be easily absorbed in the time saved during the subsequent framing operations.