Sidewalk Bridge

What is Sidewalk Bridge?

Definition of Sidewalk Bridge in Construction

A sidewalk bridge is the protection constructed over a sidewalk located adjacent to a construction project. In larger cities the construction of the sidewalk bridge is extremely important to the safety of the pedestrians along the sidewalk. Sidewalk bridges alongside high towers are structurally built to withstand any debris or equipment that may fall from the structure above. There are subcontractors that specialize in the construction of sidewalk bridges. In many cases, a scaffold subcontractor will also construct the sidewalk bridge. Depending on the location and the layout of the structure, there are many instances where a full height building scaffold is constructed above the sidewalk bridge. This enables the construction of the facade to occur as the pedestrians safely walk below. Sidewalk bridges are commonly constructed of what are called screw jacks or adjustable supports. These supports have a screw assembly at the bottom, or top, to adjust to the necessary elevations required by the sidewalk bridge. Ramps are constructed under the sidewalk bridges to allow pedestrians and wheelchairs to safely negotiate the area being protected by the sidewalk bridge.