Siamese Connection

What is a Siamese Connection

Definition of Siamese Connection in Construction

Siamese connection is a descriptive term for a double attachment designed for a piping application, such as a sprinkler system. The siamese connection is normally mounted on the exterior of a building for ease of connection, by the local fire department. A siamese connection does not necessarily describe only a sprinkler connection; however this is the common reference. The actual siamese connection is used to pump water into a sprinkler system within the building, by an exterior pumper supplied by the fire department. The local fire marshal will identify, to the sprinkler contractor, where they want the exterior siamese connection as well as the code required identification of this location. Siamese connections are in many high rise buildings, also installed on the roof of the structure. These siamese connections are used for testing of the system, as well as identifying the ability of the street pressure, or fire pump to supply water to the top of the system.