Ship Lap

What is Ship Lap?

Definition of Ship Lap in Construction

Type of siding that overlaps each adjacent piece by a predetermined amount. The siding is created in such a way that there are overlapping tongues of material that will cause the installation to be waterproof. Ship lap is a common type siding, made of wood, vinyl or other synthetic products. This type of siding, together with the board and batten, was extremely common in colonial times, and is still used extensively. Ship lap is relative inexpensive and easily installed. If the product is made of untreated wood, it is recommended that the material be treated prior to installation. The treatment of any type of untreated siding, prior to installation, insures that the product, both front and back, has been at least primed, if not finished treated. In many instances the installation of a ship lap siding is associated with a full building wrap, to further ensure water tightness and proper vapor barrier placement. Ship lap siding has been used for centuries, it is a common, easy and inexpensive method for securing water protection and providing a pleasant exterior appearance.