Shear Diagram

What is Shear Diagram?

Definition of Shear Diagram in Construction

A diagram that illustrates the amount of shear force on a beam that allows for the proper engineering of that beam or other structural component. Shear on a structural system is a ripping of the systems in opposing directions. The use of a shear diagram will identify the areas within the structural component that has the most amount of shear and the areas where the shear is minimized. The distribution of shear is important to ensure that beams or columns are not penetrated in the wrong place or cut in areas of shear. Structural engineers will have shear diagram created by a computer that will identify every section of the structural component being studied. In this manner, areas of sever shear can be reinforced to reduce the opportunity for failure or yield. A shear diagram in conjunction with a moment diagram is used to ensure that the stresses developed due to the loading of the structure, both live and dead load, does no jeopardize the structural integrity of the structure.