What is SFRMs ?

Definition of SFRMs in Construction

Spray applied fire resistive materials. This is any product, that when spray applied, provides a fire resistant covering over the material being sprayed.

Normally a SFRMs product is used within a commercial structure over structural steel. Each product that is applied will have a UL testing label, which will indicate the extent of fire protection associated with the mill thickness of the application. In most applications, the heavier the mill thickness, the greater the fire resistance provided.

An architect or fire proofing specialist will determine the amount of SFRMs required to provide the proper fire resistance to the structural steel or other structural element being sprayed. Specialty contractors are available to apply the products as required, and are certified by the manufacturer of the material to warranty and guarantee the installation.

Research and development has advanced these products substantially within the last several years. The ability for architects to aesthetically apply fire resistant materials on structural elements, has allowed the visual presentation of structural members as an architectural feature.