Set Backs

What is Set backs?

Definition of Set backs in Construction

The amount of property that is required, from the property line, to the actual foundation of the structure being erected. Set backs, are normally established by the local Town or City, and are based upon the zoning restrictions of the area in which the project is being constructed. The purpose of the setback, is to space properties and construction projects distances that are beneficial to the neighborhood and the entire city or town. Setbacks are normally established from the curb line of the street and the neighboring property lines. When a surveyor performs a project layout, a buildable box is shown on the site plan which is a box that shows the area available for construction, after all the setbacks, easements, right of ways have been analyzed and understood. Reviewing a site plan once the buildable box is established, is an interesting exercise, especially if the setbacks are severe and the actual buildable box, is less than half the entire piece of property.