What is an SER?

Definition: What Does the Term SER Mean?

An SER stands for the structural engineer of record.
When a project is designed that requires structural design and planning, a structural engineer is  hired.  This project’s, structural engineer, will provide a professional stamp on the design documents that indicates their authorization to develop the plans as well as their responsibility for their accuracy and engineering competence.  In many instances, the project will require that a special inspector inspect the project  to ensure compliance with the SER’s original intent and design drawings.  This special inspector will relate any concern or issue on the project, regarding structural design, to the SER.  The SER is capable of accepting field deviations that have been noted by the special inspector.  In many instances, the SER may not visit the project and will rely on the special inspector to relate any issues  or deviations from what the SER had designed.  The SER is considered a part of the design team along with the mechanical and electrical engineer.