Septic Tank

What is Septic Tank?

Definition of Septic Tank in Construction
A tank ,used to accumulate fluids and solids discharged from the sanitary line of a structure. The tank allows solids to settle out of the effluent. A septic tank is used if there is no sanitary line available in the street or elsewhere on the project. Septic tanks are normally used in residential construction, especially in rural areas that do not have the municipality sanitary tie in available. The tank is sized by an engineer to accommodate the proper number of bedrooms constructed within the project. A common misconception is that individuals assume the engineering of a septic tank is based on the number of bathrooms, this is normally not the case. The number of bedrooms is considered the determining factor for sizing the septic tank. As an aside, the normal description of a bedroom is a room within a residence or structure that has a closet within its floor plan. Septic tanks systems can be engineered to accommodate large structures, the use of multiple septic tank systems is a popular alternative to one large system. Engineers will develop pumping stations, holding tanks, distribution boxes and septic fields, as part of the septic system for a structure. The use of the septic tank to accommodate the sanitary waste from remote areas has allowed the development of areas that are not serviced by a sanitary line on the site or in the street.