Senior Project Manager

What is a Senior Project Manager

Definition of Senior Project Manager in Construction

The senior project manager on a construction project is usually the immediate position of authority over the projects, construction manager. In many situations, the senior project manager is the supervisor of several project managers and is assigned to manage and support several different projects. Dependent upon the arrangement of the construction organization, the senior project manager may be assigned to only certain project managers at all times, or could be assigned to individual clients. The position of senior project manager is a necessary position, if the company has several projects with several different construction manager personalities. Answering to a project executive or the vice president of construction, the senior project manager is normally an experienced individual who has the management capabilities of managing several individuals at the same time. The senior project manager will be acquainted with all of the aspects of construction, such as contract negotiations, construction management and supervision, construction estimating, construction change orders, construction close out, etc. With the proper experience on all levels of construction, the senior project manager is capable of assisting and guiding his project managers, as they manage and supervise their individual projects.