Self Closing Hinge

What is a Self Closing Hinge?

Definition of Self Closing Hinge in Construction
Very similar to a spring hinge, the self closing hinge allows the swinging open of a door, window or other assembly but causes the assembly to return to a closed position once there is no opening force. A self closing hinge is normally a standard butt hinge that has a spring installed within the pivot mechanism of the hinge. This spring is adjusted by an allen wrench, with the hex receptacle normally located at the top of the hinge assembly. Self closing hinges are designed to force the closing of an open door by applying spring pressure within the internal workings of the spring itself. The opening of the door basically charges the spring and once the door is allowed to return to its closed position, the spring will force the door closed. A self closing hinge is normally used on dressing room doors, specialty doors that must be closed at all times, closet doors, etc. A self closing hinge is a less expensive alternate to keeping the door closed, than the installation of a full closure assembly. Self closing hinges are available in different strengths and sizes and are designed for doors of all weight and size.