What are Scuppers?

Definition of Scuppers in Construction

A component of the roof system that allows the discharge of water from the perimeter of a flat or semi flat roof through the parapet .

Normally a roof scupper is constructed of aluminum or ceramic tile, and is waterproof and directly located in the parapet of a roof. The interior end of the roof scupper is level with the elevation of the roof, and will discharge into a leader ( pipe leading down to grade ), or simply spill off the side of the structure. Most scuppers that simply discharge the roof drainage off the side of the roof, will extend or cantilever off the side of the structure to stop that staining of the facade from draining water.

The original use of gargoyles was for the a decoration of this discharge of water off the roof. Their appearance, of course, has all the characteristics of keeping evil spirits away and the rest of the gargoyle heritage, however the practical use of these creatures is to discharge water off of a flat roof or overhanging soffit.