What are Screens?

Definition of Screens in Construction
Aluminum, fiberglass or metal mesh that is framed with wood, aluminum or vinyl ,to be installed into a window or door unit, to eliminate insects and debris from entering the structure. A window or door screen is an important element of the entire assembly. The ability to have a fully screened opening is a benefit for ventilation as well as ambience within the structure. To open a window without the invasion of insects will produce a euphoric feeling within the structure, and will allow individuals the opportunity for fresh air and sunshine. Screens are maintenance items that are easily replaced. Normally the screen itself is a flexible fabric that is stretched over the aluminum, vinyl, wood frame and secured around the entire perimeter. The installation of a screen is normally a friction assembly , where the screen is laid on the frame, and a narrow rubber length of tubing is inserted into a slot in the frame. This tubing is placed on the top of the screen material and when pressed into the frame, secures the screening around the entire frame. The screen is simply trimmed, to clean up the total assembly, and the replacement screen re-inserted in the window frame. The window or door frame usually fits into a slot in the top of the door or window and is secured at the bottom of the assembly with multiple clips. These clips, pull the screen into the window frame to ensure a solid seal to prevent insects from entering the window. Some manufacturers are using a storage capability to store the screen within the window or door. This is if the screens need to be removed to allow the installation of a storm panel. In many cases, the screens are left in-place for the full time of the window and door existence.