Scissor Lift

What is Scissor lift?

Definition of Scissor lift in Construction

A type of lift that uses a scissoring support system, that can be extended under a large platform, to enable workmen to reach heights that are defined by the size of the scissor lift.

The use of scissor lifts has become increasingly popular on all construction sites, and they have taken over the use of manually moved ” baker ” scaffolds. The scissor lift is used by all trades such as electricians to install lighting fixtures, sprinkler fitters to install sprinkler heads, mechanical tradesmen to install piping, valves, etc.

Scissor lifts have changed the ability for overhead work to be done in a more safe manner and much more efficiently. It is not unusual for construction projects to have several scissor lifts working at the same time. In most situations these lifts use propane or electricity to operate.

The refueling or charging of a quantity of scissor lifts during the evening must be properly managed. The use of gasoline powered lifts must be limited by exterior use only due to the fumes involved in the combustion engine. Scissor lifts are available in several different types and capabilities depending on the specific activity that the lift is being used for.