What Are Schedules?

Definition of Schedules in Construction

The term schedule is used to identify, in most cases a chart or table providing descriptions of the windows , doors, finishes, lintels, footings, piers, etc. on a construction project. A window schedule is a chart that will identify each window opening on the project and all the details of that opening. The width, height, rough opening, material, etc. of the window will be described within the window schedule. The same for the door schedule. The finish schedule will identify each room designation and indicate the finishes of the floor, walls, ceiling, etc.

Schedule is a term that is used throughout the construction documents.

The mechanical engineer will include a fan schedule, a louver schedule, a roof top schedule.

The electrical engineer will include a lighting schedule, power schedule, etc.

Utilizing schedules within the documents, the explanations and description of numerous entities on a construction project can be accurately presented. The use of a schedule also makes it extremely easy for the estimator to present the hardware schedule to a number of hardware suppliers to receive competitive pricing. By using schedules that summarize particular items, the accuracy of pricing and purchasing is enhanced.

In addition the use of a schedule allows the owner and the architect to easily update their decisions regarding specific items on the project. If the window manufacturer is revised due to a last minute decision, then the window schedule can be changed to accommodate the revision, without the need to revise the entire set of documents.

Schedules are used in all types of construction situations and basically facilitates the dissemination of complicated descriptions, sizes and materials that are involved in all the basic products on the construction site.