Sash Lock

What is a Sash Lock?

Definition of Sash Lock in Construction
Locking mechanism designed to lock the sash of a window within the window frame. A sash lock can be a pin assembly or a cam lock mechanism that rotates to lock the sash. In some window designs there are actually two sash locks, one on either side of the top of the window sash, to prevent the racking of the window within the frame and to evenly lock the sash down. The sash lock is a visible piece of hardware and is normally available in varying colors and materials to conform the interior decorative package. All manufacturers have research and development activities directly focused on the improvement of the mechanisms. The sash lock should not bind in the frame and should remain easy to operate without a tremendous amount of force. The sash lock should also compress the sash down into the base of the window or the window sill, to ensure that the window has properly sealed. This tightness and compression will increase the windows ability to insulate the interior of the structure from the exterior environment and succeed in energy savings.