Sash Limiter

What is a Sash Limiter?

Definition of Sash Limiter in Construction
A mechanism that is installed to prevent a casement from opening beyond a specifically designed angle or a slider from opening further than designed. With double or single hung windows, a sash limiter can be installed on the jamb sides of the frame to limit the ability to open the window beyond a designed dimension. There are various types of sash limiters. There are wedges that are placed on the front of a window frame that become embedded between the back of the sash and the front of the window frame to stop the advancement of the sash. There are sash limiters that pop out from the inside surface of the window frame to prevent the sash from lifting up. Normally these types of sash limiters are retractable to allow the sash to by-pass the sash limiter and raise above the limiter. Sash limiters are very important safety accessories if there are toddlers in the home or if the project is intended to house elderly inhabitants. The sash limiter is a basic safety restraint that stops the height of the open window, to ensure that nothing can exit the window.