Sanitary Manhole

What is a Sanitary Manhole

Definition of Sanitary Manhole in Construction

A sanitary manhole is an assembly of precast concrete that is designed to allow various different sanitary lines to converge into one spot and one assembly. A sanitary manhole will also allow a radical turn of direction, for any sanitary lines that are installed underground. In many cases, a sanitary manhole is located in areas that will exhibit difficulties in clogging as the system is used. A sanitary manhole can be constructed of brick, block or even stone, however the primary construction of a sanitary manhole is with precast sections that are delivered to the project and assembled in-place, on the site. The sanitary manhole will normally have a cast iron ring and manhole cover installed at the top surface of the manhole. Each separate town or city will have special manhole covers manufactured with their name on the cover and the description, sanitary clearly visible.