Safety Program

What is Safety Program?

Definition of Safety Program in Construction

The program assembled by the contractor, architect , owner or other entity on the construction site, that defines safety on the project. This program is considered extremely important by all insurance companies and OSHA, and should be taken extremely seriously by all contractors. A safety program is normally required to be presented, upon the award of a major project to a contractor,m and must be specifically modified to accommodate that specific project. For example if the project is a landfill capping, then the safety program must include hazardous waste protection, fumes and odors that may occur as well as such possibilities as equipment falling into sink holes, etc.

In most cases the presentation of the Safety Program and its acceptance is required, prior to the start on the project. Some projects are so safety conscious and strict that the hiring of a safety officer or engineer is required to conform to the safety program. Insurance companies as well as bonding companies are taking safety very seriously and any losses can severely affect the cost of workman’s compensation insurance for the contractor. What most contractors have done regarding their safety program is to develop a template for the program and simply customized the template for each specific project. Other companies have hired a full time safety engineer to perform field visits and ensure that the safety program for the company is what is needed to keep the financial package intact.