What is Runoff

Definition of Runoff in Construction

Runoff on a construction site normally references storm water runoff, or water that is generated by a construction process on the site. The control of runoff is extremely important, especially with the new environmental regulations and concerns. On many projects, there are special documents and procedures identified to control the runoff on a project. Due to the need to, in many instances, strip the site of topsoil and vegetation, the possibility of substantial runoff due to storm water is a real issue. Large sitework projects may require special holding ponds to reduce the amount of runoff that leaves the site, and control the eventual dissipation of this water to the surrounding environment. The runoff from the projects roof surfaces as well as the pavement areas, especially prior to the completion of all the storm water control systems, can present a very serious and legally challenging situation. Neighbors are not happy when they become inundated with runoff from an adjacent construction project or sitework project. Runoff is a serious by-product of a large, or even small construction project and must be carefully managed and accommodated for.