What is a Rumsford ?

Definition of Rumsford in Construction

Type of fireplace that is designed to allow the fire to be at the very front of the fireplace.

By moving the fire forward, the heat of the fire is more efficiently projected into the occupied room. The entire design strategy of the Rumsford fireplace ( named after Count Rumsford, over 200 years ago) , is to vent the smoke and exhaust efficiently, while still positioning the fire close to the front of the fireplace opening. This is a difficult masonry technique and requires an expert mason to properly construct a true Rumsford fireplace. The result will be a very efficient fireplace that is smoke and odor free. The look will be a very swallow fire box similar to the small fireplaces found in many old colonial homes. The look is not what is being sought after, the energy efficiency of the fire, and the subsequent heat, with an excellent flue performance is the goal, and an accurate and efficient movement of smoke fumes from the fire up and out of the home is needed for this to be achieved.