What is a Roto-Till

Definition of Roto-Till in Construction

The term roto-till is used in the landscaping and sitework portions of a construction project. The term refers to the process of breaking up, or blending organic materials to produce a softer more friable material that is conducive to plant growth. Roto-tilling is achieved by rotating tines that are inserted into the earth to break up the soil and to blend any type of material, fertilizer or other organic materials directly into the soil. A rototiller is used to accomplish this process and can be provided in various sizes as well as designs. Large rototillers can be mounted on large tractors to accomplish deep roto-tilling of large quantities of material. Other smaller rototillers can be used by an individual within a home garden to till the soil. Roto-tillers are very commonly rented or leased pieces of equipment due to their minimal usage. In most instances, the roto-tilling is performed at the beginning of the growing season and the equipment is stored until the next growing season.