Root Bound

What is Root Bound

Definition of Root Bound in Construction

The term root bound is used in landscaping to identify a bush, tree ,shrub or plant that has been grown in a container, and has established so many roots that they have filled the container and have not been allowed to grow uninhibited. Root bound is a negative characteristic for a bush, tree, shrub or plant that has been allowed to grow for too long a period within the container. It also indicates that if, the item was allowed to grow for this particular length of time, and the container should have been initially larger. Root bound causes the bush, tree, shrub or plant to become weakened, and it makes the removal of the container and the replanting of the item more difficult. In many instances, a trained landscaper will remove the bush, tree, shrub or plant from the container and carefully trim and prune the roots to provide the plant a better opportunity to grow and flourish. Root bound is more prevalent in landscaping plants provided in containers than in ball and burlap plants, due to the more rigid confinement presented by the container.