Roof Curbs

What is are Roof Curbs

Definition of Roof Curbs in Construction

A roof curb is an assembly that is secured to the roof of a building that becomes the base or the setting platform for a piece of equipment that is mounted on the roof. This equipment could be a ventilation fan, an air handling piece of equipment, a special exhaust fan, etc. Any piece of material or equipment, if it is not simply sitting on the top of the roof, such as a condenser, will have a roof curb mounted to the roof, with the piece of equipment above the roof curb. Roof curbs allow the installation of the primary roof and the flashings around this roof curb, prior to the delivery of the actual roof equipment and the setting of this equipment. Roof curbs are in many cases, installed on the roof and temporarily covered over for waterproofing purposes, much earlier than the construction schedule requires delivery of the expensive and fragile roof top equipment.