Responsibility Matrix

What is Responsibility Matrix

Definition of Responsibility Matrix in Construction

A responsibility matrix is a matrix that clearly identifies the various scope of work items required to complete the project. Each scope item is listed with a various number of responsibility columns adjacent to the work item. Dependent upon the project and the situation these columns may identify who is responsible for furnishing the item, who is responsible for installing the item, who is responsible for maintaining the item, etc. Dependent upon the project, there can be several additional responsibility columns. This responsibility matrix is set up to clarify the responsibilities of all the parties involved on the project. The responsibility matrix is very important on retail projects, where the owner might be supplying certain items, or have national accounts with specific vendors, that could be independently responsible for certain scope of work items. The responsibility matrix must be carefully evaluated when bidding the project and the superintendent on the project must be very acquainted with this responsibility matrix in order to properly manage and supervise the project.