What is Resin

Definition of Resin in Construction

The term resin is used together with a curator or hardener to produce a hard and durable product in the construction industry. The term resin is universally used in the construction industry for special coatings, special adhesives, caulking, sealants, etc. The term resin originally described the natural organic substances that are secreted by trees, bushes, shrubs, and naturally growing plants. Resin was used to waterproof boats and extensively used in colonial construction to waterproof assemblies. Research and development in the construction industry has produced synthetic resins with many of the positive characteristics of naturally occurring resins combined with several different positive synthetic characteristics that have enhanced the use of this new synthetic resin on construction sites for adhesives, coating, spray applications, etc. Most synthetic resins do require a hardener or a curator that causes the resin to harden and cure. The continued research and advancement of synthetic resins for construction applications, is advancing the ability to perform specialized construction processes with more efficiency and economy.