Resilient Floor

What is a Resilient Floor?

Definition of Resilient Floor in Construction

A vinyl floor is referred to as a resilient floor.

Vinyl floors used to be hard linoleum and adhered to the floor with a mastic that had asbestos as an ingredient. This is not used anymore, and the current resilient floors are composite products that consist of several different synthetic components.

The term resilient floor can mean basically any of the current flooring products that are being manufactured to look like stone, wood, tile and are actually vinyl products that resists cracking, deterioration and wear. Resilient flooring is used extensively in schools and community structures. The development of resilient floors has advanced as new composite synthetics improve durability and wear. Resilient floors have now taken over for ceramic floors, hardwood floors and other types of more expensive and time consuming installation periods. Both kitchen and baths, are now being designed for resilient flooring for both economics and project scheduling.